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Cancellation/Refund Policy

All Star Castles Cancellation and Refund Policy

Here a All Star castles we understand that sometimes plans may change and it may become necessary to have to cancel or amend your booking with us. Our cancellation policy below set out our key points and circumstances and any cancellation fees that may be due and payable and if any refunds would be due.

Our cancellation policy applies to all our bookings and accompanies our terms and conditions of hire also.

Cancellation by All Star Castles "The Company"

It is very rare for us to have to cancel a booking and as a company we have a great track record but we are also open to a large amount of issues that are beyond our control.

Cancellation due to reasons beyond our control a full refund of any monies or deposit paid, i.e vehicle breakdown, equipment breakdown, staff shortage. Any other reason, excluding health and safety grounds, lack of space or wrong surface type, ​are not included as these are outlined to be checked by the customer in their conformation e mail.

Cancellation by the Client

The Deposit is non-refundable which means:

In no circumstances will All Star Castles refund the deposit if the booking is cancelled by the customer after the deposit has been received.

- All cancellations must be made over the phone during normal office hours.

- All cancellations will be confirmed in writing via email and this must be kept as your proof of cancellation. Cancellations cannot be taken by voice mail, text, email or any other methods.

- Any deposit or payments made are non-refundable and would be lost in the event of cancellation.

Where a customer cancels the booking giving a full 60 days notice of the cancellation ahead of the booking date, All Star Castles may decide to refund the customer their deposit as a good will gesture (excluding the months of April and May).

For any bookings with outstanding balances the full deposit will be lost. If paid in full the full value will be lost.