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Brand New for 2018! Amazing Package Deals!

Giant Inflatable Slide Hire for Both Young & Old!

Great for the Bigger Venues and Gardens...

The latest additions to our fantastic Giant Super Slides range. Our incredible slides make an exciting show stopper to any party, or event. Due to the height of these units, they really do create a real buzz and excitement. You can view images, sizes and prices below.

These slides in particular have proven to be very popular for every event. Giant slides are where it all began, everyone remembers the feeling of walking up to a massive outdoor event and seeing the giant inflatable slide stand tall above everything else!

To book our high quality, nicely themed inflatable slides; or if you would like to ask us any further questions please call us on 085 7650086.

15 x 20ft Super Slide Bouncy Castle 15 x 20ft Super Slide Bouncy Castle

Amazing Inflatable Super Slide A fabulous addition to any party, our Super Slide is sure to keep the..


24 x 25ft Mega Slide Bouncy Castle 24 x 25ft Mega Slide Bouncy Castle

The Amazing Mega SlideThis is a fantastic addition to our inflatable slide collection, Standing 24 F..


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